AMPERE 2019 Technical Program

This year’s technical program of AMPERE 2019 is designed to cover a wide range of technical sessions, plenary talks, short courses, student competition, as well as numerous exhibits in the three-day conference. Industrial sessions (Wednesday, September 11th), addressing key topical applications will also be of significant interest during the conference.

September 9 (Monday)

Workshops, Short Courses, Hands-on Sessions, Welcome Reception


September 10 (Tuesday)

Opening Ceremony, Keynote Address, Invited Talks, Technical Sessions, Interactive Forum.


September 11 (Wednesday)

Invited Talks, Technical Sessions (Industrial/application sessions), Interactive Forum.


September 12 (Thursday)

Invited Talks, Technical Sessions, Interactive Forum, Closing Session, Gala Dinner, Award Ceremony.

(*) Please notice that the Gala Dinner will be held on Thursday (last day of the conference).


Scope and topics


A broad range of microwave and radio frequency related topics, from materials and technologies to high power systems and applications will be addressed in all their aspects: theory, simulation, design, measurement and applications. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy Production by Microwaves (including renewable energy and chemicals)
  • Plasma processing induced by microwaves (CVD, cleaning, nanoparticles...)
  • Microwave and High Frequency Material interaction
  • Dielectric and Magnetic Material Properties and Measurements
  • EM Modelling and Numerical Techniques
  • Design of Microwave Applicators and Components
  • Solid State Microwave Technology
  • Microwave and High Frequency Sources and Power Supply
  • Microwave Industrial Equipment and Scale-up
  • Microwave Chemistry
  • Food Processing
  • Microwave Packaging
  • Medical and Biological Applications
  • Radiation Safety and Standards
  • Trends in Microwave Processing

Special emphasis will be placed on emerging technologies as energy production by microwaves, solid state microwave generators, power sources and microwave applicators for microwave industrial processing such as microwave plasma, microwave chemistry, process intensification,  high temperature processing and Radiation Safety and Standards.

In addition to scientific papers, contributions on industrial applications are also encouraged; covering the fields of instrumentation, scale up, medical, high power equipment and material’s processing.

Invited Talks, keynotes and interactive forums, presented by well-known specialists will complement the technical program.