Juan Monzó-Cabrera

Ph.D. Dipl. Eng. Juan Monzó-Cabrera is Professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT) related to telecommunication studies. He has worked as the Director of Transfer of Research Results Office and co-director of the Entrepreneurship Office at this university. He has also acted as the General Secretary for AMPERE EUROPE and as a member of the management committee of this association.

Nowadays, he is acting as the General Director of Research and Universities at the Regional Goverment of Región de Murcia, being in charge of the policies and management in both fields.

He is part of the research group of Electromagnetism and Matter in the UPCT, activity that has combined with innovation and technology transfer.

Among other publications, he is co-author of 42 international publications in specialized scientific journals, as well as co-inventor of 10 patents. He has been a researcher in 22 projects with private financing and in 21 projects with public funding, two of them with European funds. His research areas are related to microwave heating and drying, permittivity measurements, waveguide calibration procedures, electromagnetic compatibility and dosimetry and microwave oven design.