AMPERE 2019 Preliminary Technical Program

This year’s technical program of AMPERE 2019 is designed to cover a wide range of technical sessions, plenary talks, short courses, student competition, as well as numerous exhibits in the three-day conference. Industrial sessions (Wednesday, September 11th), addressing key topical applications will also be of significant interest during the conference.

Monday 9th September Tuesday 10th September Wednesday 11th September Thursday 12th September

September 9 (Monday)


Modelling Workshop

Short Course


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Introduction to EM modeling techniques

Dr. Marzena Olszewska-Placha

Principles of microwave-heating technology

Prof. Juan Monzó-Cabrera

Getting started I. EM modelling of microwave applicators

Prof. José M. Catalá Civera
10:30 Coffee Break

Getting started I. EM modelling of microwave applicators

Prof. José M. Catalá Civera

Advanced Microwave Measurements

Dr. Beatriz García-Baños

Electromagnetic simulations in MW and RF processing

Prof. Paolo Veronesi

Experimental verification of the temperature evolution of the material in a microwave resonator

Dr. Pedro Plaza
13:00 Lunch

Case study #1. Modelling of rotating loads in a microwave oven

Dr. Marzena Olszewska-Placha

Multiphysics modeling – Goals, options, and state-of-the-art

Prof. Vadim Yakovlev

Case study #2. Modelling of multimode applicators for metallurgical applications

Prof. Paolo Veronesi
15:30 Coffee Break

Case study #3. Temperature fields in microwave thermal processing of SiC fabric

Prof. Vadim Yakovlev

Coupling and matching source/applicator configurations and design criteria for RF and microwave heating

Dr. Ricky Metaxas

Case study #4. Thermal processes in an AlN:Mo susceptor of a MMW heat exchanger

Prof. Vadim Yakovlev

Questions, comments and concluding remarks

Questions, comments and concluding remarks

19:00 Welcome reception

September 10 (Tuesday)

Chairman: Prof. Jose M. Catalá-Civera
8:15 Opening Ampere 2019
8:45 Plenary I
"Leveraging microwave heating in gas-solid contactors. New opportunities in reaction engineering"

Prof. Jesús Santamaría Ramiro, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Aragon Nanoscience Institute. University of Zaragoza
9:20 Plenary II
"New evidences on non-thermal microwave effects in Chemical Energy Storage"

Prof. José M. Serra, Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ), CSIC-Universitat Politècnica de València
9:55 Plenary III
"Elucidation of electromagnetic wave effect and outgoing of future trend in microwave chemistry and biology"

Prof. Satoshi Horikoshi, Sophia University, Japan
10:30 Coffee Break

Microwave-matter interaction


Chairman: Prof. Jose M. Catalá-Civera

Experimental methods I


Chairman: Mr. R. F. Schiffmann

Medical and biological applications I


Chairman: Dr. Daniel R. Slocombe

Experimental investigations of microwave effects on rock breakage system via SEM analysis

K. Teimoori, F. Hassani, A.P. Sasmito, S.A. Ghoreishi-Madiseh

Millimeter wave absorption in hydroxyapatite and 3YSZ ceramics in wide temperature range

Anatoly Eremeev, Sergei Egorov, Vladislav Kholoptsev

Investigation of electromagnetic fields on cardiac cells

M. Cinato, J. Tao, O. Kunduzova, S. Lefeuvre

Study on reduction of metal oxides using thermogravimetry under microwave irradiation

S. Fujii, M. Yamamoto, S. Tsubaki, Y. Wada, J. Fukushima, H. Takizawa

3D microwave printing temperature control of continuous carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites

Nanya Li, Guido Link, John Jelonnek

A microwave-induced room-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma jet for biomedical treatment

Li Wu, Zhuang Liu, Wencong Zhang, Junwu Tao and Kama Huang

Dielectric relaxation of interacting/polarizable polar molecules with linear reaction dynamics in a weak alternating field

Tao Hong, Zhengming Tang

Incremental solidification of metal powders (toward 3-D printing) by solid-state microwave applicator

A. Shelef, E. Jerby

Mechanisms for high-efficiency microwave processing of kaolinite

J. J. Reinosa, B. García-Baños, J. M. Catalá-Civera, J. F. Fernández

Microwave annealing of powder metals without sintering

R. Bureš, M. Fáberová, M. Dilyova

Ex vivo tumor cell inactivation by pulsed microwave heating

Michael Hader, Andreas Rosin, Simon Streit, Stephan Gekle, Martin Wadepohl, Deniz Pinar Savcigil, Benjamin Frey, Udo S. Gaipl.

Quantum chemistry molecular modeling for radio-frequency and microwave- frequency thermo-upconversion heating of metal oxides of NiO and Fe2O3

Shozo Yanagida, and Takeko Matsumura

Microwave rapid heating system using carbon heating tube

T. Sameshima, T. Kikuchi, T. Uehara, T. Arima, M. Hasumi, T. Miyazaki, G. Kobayashi, and I. Serizawa

Bilayer chitosan-based scaffolds for full thickness skin graft – synthesis and characterization

Julia Radwan-Pragłowska

Dielectric material properties measurements I


Chairman: Prof. Felipe Peñaranda-Foix

Microwave processing of composites


Chairman: Dr. Beatriz García

Medical and biological applications II


Chairman: Prof. Ioan Calinescu

Split cavity design for the dielectric characterization of laminates

V. Ramopoulos, S. Soldatov, G. Link and J. Jelonnek.

Reducing dark time yellowing of PVC-P films by using RF-heating

M. Heise, A. Lehm, M. Schneider, U. Melidonie

Using microwave thermal ablation to precisely target the adrenal cortex, taking a minimally ablative, cortical-sparing approach

Padraig Donlon

On the possibilities of permittivity calculation in a certain bandwidth from single frequency results.

Antonio José Lozano Guerrero, Juan Monzó-Cabrera, Alejandro Díaz-Morcillo

A new concept to improve microwave heating uniformity through data-driven process modelling

Jing Zhou, Yingguang Li, Di Li

Portable microwave power excitation system for rapid DNA release

H. Choi, C. Guerard, C. Moreau, and A. Porch

Application of dielectric resonators to surface impedance measurements of microwave susceptors

Malgorzata Celuch, Janusz Rudnicki, Jerzy Krupka, Wojciech Gwarek.

Microwaves heating for thermoplastic composite processing

A.Barasinski, H. Tertrais, S. Bechtel, F.Chinesta.

Analysis of high-frequency c-core magnetic flux leakages for bone tumor with induction heating by using multi-coil

Metharak Jokpudsa, Supawat Kotchapradit, Chanchai Thongsopa, Thanaset Thosdeekoraphat

Measurement of the dielectric properties of liquid crystal material for microwave applications

Juan R. Sánchez, Vicente Nova, Carmen Bachiller, Belén Villacampa, Alberto de la Rua, Rainer Kronberger, Felipe Peñaranda, and Vicente E. Boria

Optimizing asphalt mixtures to be heated by microwave

Juan Gallego, Federico Gulisano, Luis Picado, Joao Crucho.

Design of temperature-controlled equipment with microwave irradiation for microbial cultivation and application for long-term evolution study

M. Hirano, A. Watanabe, T. Hirasaka, R. Baba, M. Kodama, S. Ohuchi.

Gypsum-anhydrite transformation monitoring during microwave heating

Angel M. López-Buendía, Beatriz García-Baños, M. Mar Urquiola, José M. Catalá-Civera

Optimum microwave power and optimum temperature for bacterial growth under microwave irradiation

R. Baba, W. Nagayoshi, R. Nakama, M. Kodama, S. Ohuchi
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Poster session I

Microwave wood chip treatment use in chemical pulp manufacturing (technical-economic assesment)

A. Leshchinskaya

Ultra-rapid sintering of oxide ceramics activated by precisely controlled microwave heating

Anatoly Eremeev, Sergei Egorov, Vladislav Kholoptsev, Ivan Plotnikov, Kirill Rybakov, Andrey Sorokin, Yury Bykov

Dielectric properties of olivine group minerals

G. Flesoura , B. Garcia-Banos , J. M. Catala-Civera , J. Vleugels , Y. Pontikes

Dielectric monitoring of the pan fiber stabilization process

J. Hofele, M. Jung, G. Link and J. Jelonnek

Versatile resonance-based microwaves applicator. Low vs high loss tangent fluids behaviour

Vasile Lavric, Ioan Calinescu, Daniela Ghimpețeanu, Mariana Pătrașcu

Microwave drying of corn seeds: effect of temperature on drying time, energy consumption and germination rate

Á. H. Moreno, R. Hernández-Maqueda, I. Ballesteros, C. Torres-Miño

Microwave influenced laminar premixed hydrocarbon flames: spectroscopic investigations

S. Eckart, R. Behrend, H. Krause

Applications of microwave surface-wave discharges (SWDS)

M. Moisan

Low-cost measurement system and filter for reduction of EMC interferences in radio-frequency applications

R. Sallier, L. Nietner, U. Roland, U. Trommler, M. Kraus, F. Holzer, C. Hoyer, and D. Schlayer

Potential and limitations of radio-frequency heating for pest control derived from numerical simulation

M. Kraus, L. Nietner, C. Hoyer, U. Trommler, R. Sallier, and U. Roland

Synthesis and sintering of magnetoelectric particulated lead free composite (1-X)BaZr0.08Ti0.92O3/(X)CoFe2O4 using microwave energy

L. P. Caminata, C. P. F. Perdomo, R. H. G. A. Kiminami

Optimization of microwave assisted delignification of wood residues by surface response methodology

Adrian Trifan, Ioan Calinescu, Mircea Vinatoru, Adina Ionuta Gavrila

Microwave synthesis of mixed metal oxides with in situ dielectric characterization

B. García-Baños, J.L. Godes, A. Felis, P. Plaza-González

Desolvation effect of microwaves in sodium chloride solution

Ying Liu, Kama Huang

In-liquid plasma using microwave power for applications

S. Sawada and S. Horikoshi

EM modelling and numerical techniques I


Chairman: Prof. Juan Monzó-Cabrera

Microwave chemistry - Catalytic reactions I


Chairman: Prof. Cristina Leonelli

Microwave chemistry - Sintering I


Chairman: Prof. Yoshio Nikawa

Theoretical analysis on efficient microwave warming of human blood

S. Kumari, S. K. Samanta, B. Saxena

Microwave-assisted enhanced deracemization via thermal cycles

F. Cameli, C. Xiouras, G. D. Stefanidis,

Microwave in the metallurgical field

E. Colombini, R. Rosa, P. Veronesi, C. Leonelli

Application of 3D scanning method in radio frequency heating simulation

Y. Jiao, R. Zhang, F. Li.

Demonstration of local heating of supported Pt nanoparticles under microwave irradiation by in situ EXAFS

T. Ano, A. Liu, S. Tsubaki, S. Fujii, K. Motokura, W.-J. Chun, Y. Wada

Microwave sintering of alumina-based abrasives: direct heating in dynamic mode.

Florent Polge , Jean-André Alary , Beatriz García Baños , Angel Lopez Buendia

Mathematical modeling of microwave heating of products with central symmetry

V. A. Karelin, Vl. V. Salomatov

Microwave-assisted regeneration of solid adsorbents for CO2 capture in post-combustion processes

M. Yassin, J.A. Anderson, W. Afzal and C.F. Martín

TiN-added sialon ceramics obtained by rapid 2.45 GHz microwave sintering

Ö. S. Canarslan, R. Rosa, L. Köroglu, E. Ayas, L. Trombi, A. Kara, P. Veronesi

Generalisation and evaluation of macroscopic models for microwave susceptors in contact with heated foods

M. Celuch, K. Wilczynski, M. Olszewska-Placha

A comparative study of microwave and barrier discharge plasma for the regeneration of spent zeolite catalysts

A. Halman, G. Bond, H. Eccles, R. Mao, S. Pollington, P. Hinde, V. Demidyuk, A. Gkelios

Initial and intermediate stages of microwave sintering of nano-ZnO by non-isothermal methods

M. M. Togashi, C. P. F. Perdomo, R. H. G. A. Kiminami

A new method to improve the performance of microwave chemical reaction

Zhengming Tang, Sanmei Zhang, Tao Hong, Hui Zeng , Huacheng Zhu, Kama Huang

Dielectric properties of target materials and their use in microwave-assisted methane dehydroaromatization

I. Julian, G. Llorens, P. Plaza-Gonzalez, B. Garcia-Baños, J.L. Hueso, R. Mallada, J. Santamaria

Comparison in mechanical properties of zirconium titanate (ZrTiO4) synthetized by alternative routes and sintered by microwave (MW)

R. Guillén, A. Borrell, M. Salvador, F. L. Penaranda-Foix, R. Moreno
16:45 Coffee break

Techniques for monitoring microwave processes


Chairman: Prof. Jun-Wu Tao

Microwave chemistry - Synthesis I


Chairman: Mr. Antoni J. Canós

Microwave chemistry - Sintering II


Chairman: Prof. Paolo Veronesi

H2-reduction behavior of FeS-CaO mixture during microwave heating

A. Amini, K. Ohno, T. Maeda, K. Kunitomo, K. Kashimura

Microwave reactors for nanomaterial synthesis. Possibilities of measurements, process monitoring and scale up.

Sylwia Dąbrowska, Jacek Wojnarowicz,, Tadeusz Chudoba, Witold Łojkowski


In situ raman spectroscopic analysis of microwave-enhanced chemical processes

S. Tsubaki, T. Matsuzawa, S. Fujii, Y. Wada

High efficiency microwave flow chemistry towards synthesis of functional materials and pharmaceutical cores.

J. P. Barham, E. Koyama, J. Sugiyama, Y. Norikane, H. Egami, Y. Hamashima

Features of microwave fired utilitarian stoneware

T. Santos, N. F. Santos, C. S. F. Gomes, L. Hennetier, V. A. F. Costa, L. C. Costa

In-situ spectroscopy and two-color thermography during microwave irradiation in materials processing

J. Fukushima, H. Takizawa.

Low-temperature microwave-assisted synthesis of lanthanum orthoferrite at hydrothermal conditions

Egor M. Kostyukhin, Alexander L. Kustov, Leonid M. Kustov

Sintering of MLCC’s barium titanate with microwaves

Juan A. Aguilar-Garib, Osvaldo Tijerina-García, Javier Garza-Guajardo

Dielectric properties assessment during dynamic microwave-assisted carbon capture cyclic operations

C.F. Martín, B. Garcia-Baños, M. Yassin and J.M. Catalá-Civera

Knoevenagel condesation - examples of reaction procedures under microwave irradiation

Darek Bogdal

Microwave heating of ceramic powder compacts up to sintering temperature

T. Garnault, J.M. Chaix, D. Bouvard, C. Harnois, S. Marinel

Petrography analysis using a near-field scanning microwave microscope

José D. Gutiérrez-Cano, A.M. López-Buendía, M. Urquiola, José M. Catalá-Civera

Titania nanotubes synthesized via MW flow synthesis

Y. Luo, A. Serrano-Lotina, K. L. Yeung, M. Bañares

Fe/MgO powder composite sintered by microwave heating

R. Bureš, M. Fáberová, Z. Birčáková, V. Kovaľ, P. Kollár, J. Füzer, M. Jakubčin, P.Slovenský

September 11 (Wednesday)

Chairman: Dr. Marilena Radoiu
8:30 Plenary IV
"Industrial radio frequency and microwave heating: a personal perspective"

Dr. AC (Ricky) Metaxas, AC Metaxas and Associates
9:00 Keynote I
"Microwave plasma sources for high-rate applications"

M. Gorath, Muegge GmbH
9:30 Keynote II
"Microwave plasma enhanced CVD processes as a tool for diamond synthesis"

Philippe Bergonzo, VP at Seki Diamond Systems, CA, USA, Visiting Professor at University College London, UK.
10:00 Keynote II
"Industrial microwave plants used in thermal process technology"

Peter-A. Püschner, General Manager of PÜSCHNER Microwave Power Systems
10:30 Round Table
11:00 Coffee Break

Microwave processing in organic chemistry I


Chairman: Dr. Isabelle Polaert

Microwave chemistry - Synthesis II


Chairman: Prof. Gary Bond

Microwave industrial equipment and scale-up I


Chairman: Dr. A.C. Metaxas

Microwave pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass to release maximum phenolic acids

A. Bichot, M. Radoiu, N. Bernet, V. Mechin, J-P. Delgenès, D. García-Bernet

Microwave catalysis for ammonia synthesis under mild reaction conditions

Jianli Hu, Xinwei Bai, Brandon Robinson, Ashley Caiola.

Experimental study of microwave slow wave comb and ceramic applicators for soil treatment at frequency 2.45 GHz

G. Brodie and G. Torgovnikov

Continuous industrial-scale microwave-assisted extraction of high-value ingredients from natural biomass

S. Splinter, M. Radoiu, T. Popek

Microwave device for rapid thermal processing of materials

S. Cichoň, J. Lančok, P. Macháč, S. Chertopalov, J. Musil.

Thermal pest control in timber structures using Radio-Frequency heating with planar binary electrodes

U. Roland, C. Hoyer, M. Kraus, R. Sallier, U. Trommler, L. Nietner, D. Dathe, and A. Mrotzek

Growth of nannochloris algae in the presence of microwaves (continuous reactor)

I. Calinescu, A. Vintila, A. Diacon, M. Vinatoru, P. Chipurici, Ana-Maria Galan, Sanda Velea

Faster plasticizers production by microwave irradiation

L. A. Jermolovicius, E. V. S. Pouzada, E. R. de Castro, R. B. do Nascimento, J. T. Senise

Microwave activation of biomass

J. Fan, V. Budarin, J.H. Clark

Assesment of microwave influence on solid-liquid equilibrium

A. Álvarez, M.J. Cocero, R.B. Mato

Microwave synthesis of novel fluorophores derived from citric acid and antioxidants

F. Koper, W. Kasprzyk, A. Flis, K. Walas, D. Bogdał, E. Pamuła, T. Świergosz

Design of an overmoded resonant cavity-based reactor for SiC-based ceramic matrix composites production

R. D’Ambrosio, G. Annino, A. Cintio, A. Lazzeri

Microwave chemistry - Synthesis III


Chairman: Dr. Georgios Dimitrakis

Plasma processing induced by microwaves I


Chairman: Prof. Vaidhy Vaidhyanathan

Microwave industrial equipment and scale-up II


Chairman: Dr. Marco Garuti

Rapid synthesis of highly luminescent carbon quantum dots using low-pressurized microwave solvothermal heating

K. Hagiwara, S. Horikoshi

Microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition of diamond heat spreaders on GaN membranes

Jerome A. Cuenca, Matthew Smith, Chao Yuan, Fabien Massabuau, Soumen Mandal, Rachel A. Oliver, Iain Thayne, Martin Kuball and Oliver Williams

Developing microwave chemistry under process engineering principles

E.Tioni, J. Breysse, P.Rousseaux

Microwave-assisted synthesis and spectroscopic properties of novel pyridine-based fluorescent molecular probes

P. Fiedor, J. Ortyl, M. Galek

Talif diagnostics for microwave 2.45 GHz collisionnal plasma source

K. Achkasov, L. Latrasse, F. Zoubian and N. Britun

Solid-state microwave processor for food treatment

M.Fiore, N. Di Modugno, F. Pellegrini, M. Roselli

Microwave-assisted synthesis and characterization of CQDs obtained from waste biomass

Ł. Janus, J. Radwan-Pragłowska, M. Piątkowski, D. Bogdał, O. Sierakowska

Numerical simulation of the activation process of supersonic gas flows by a microwave discharge.

M.S. Bobrov, M.U. Hrebtov, A.K. Rebrov

Homogeneous dielectric heating in large microwave ovens by excitation of multiple eigenmodes at their resonance frequencies

Dominik Neumaier, Sabrina Sanseverino, Guido Link and John Jelonnek

Synthesis of inorganic nanocrystals by microwave radiation

A.M. López-Buendía, P.Díaz, M. Urquiola, J. Pérez-Prieto, M. González-Béjar, N. Estebanez, P. Plaza-González and J.M. Catalá-Civera.

Electromagnetic surface waves as a means of sustaining stable and reproducible (long) plasma columns with RF and microwaves

M. Moisan

Phase change assisted by low power microwaves and RF waves; an overview

A. Le-Bail, P.K. Jha, M. Sadot, S. Curet, O. Rouaud, M. Havet, V. Jury, E. Xanthakis
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Poster session II

Low temperature annealing of MAPbI3 perovskite film by pulsed microwaves

S. Tsubaki, T. Furuhashi, Y. Wada

Low temperature degradation behaviour of 10Ce-TZP/Al2O3 bioceramics obtained by microwave sintering technology

L. Gil-Flores, M. D. Salvador, F. L. Penaranda-Foix, R. Rosa, P. Veronesi, C. Leonelli, A. Borrell

Do a science experiment for future scientists

Y. Kanematsu, T. Matsumura

Design of passive microwave and microwave circuits using confined cold plasmas

Tân-Hoa Vuong, Mohamed Hayouni, Mohamed Boussalem, Jacques David, Junwu Tao, Fethi Choubani, Rhida Bouhalegue

Destiny project: efficient microwave system for material transformation in energy intensive processes

V.L Guaita Delgado, A.M. Lopez Buendia, G.M. Revel, J.M. Catala Civera, A. Felis Rios, O. Centelles Vilalta, T. Hauck, J. Rieger, C. Hillman, A.F. Santos, M. Molica Colella, K. Van Reusel, J. C. Fernandes Pereira, M. Founti

Dielectric properties changes during microwave heating of reagents for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles

Gabriel Llorens-Vallés, R. Manno, V. Sebastian, R. Mallada, J. Santamaría, Antoni J. Canós, José D. Gutiérrez-Cano

Efficient extraction and chemical reaction with a microwave irradiated soxhlet extractor; recoveries of glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid from licorice

M.A. Mirdad, S. Fukuda, S. Ohuchi

Utilization of steelmaking wastes by microwave treatment

Mamdouh Omran, Timo Fabritius

Hydrogel matrices obtained via microwave radiaton and modified with aloe vera as potential wound dressings

S. Kudłacik-Kramarczyk, A. Drabczyk, B. Tyliszczak

Microwave sintering and magnetoelectric properties of 0.9PZN-0.1PT/FCO nanocomposites

C. P. F. Perdomo, D. Garcia, R. H. G. A. Kiminami

Hydrogel matrices prepared via UV and microwave radiation for biomedical purposes

A. Drabczyk, S. Kudłacik-Kramarczyk, B. Tyliszczak

Laboratory scale twin applicator for nanoparticles synthesis

P. Veronesi, E. Colombini, R. Rosa, G.Baldi, A. Cioni, V. Dami, L. Niccolai, G. Patonico , C. Leonelli

Influence of moisture content on permittivity of starch-based pellets during microwave expansion

José D. Gutiérrez-Cano, Ian E Hamilton, José M. Catalá-Civera, John Bows, Felipe L. Peñaranda-Foix

Rotation effects and improving heating uniformity in a microwave cavity for continuous ceramic frit melting

Duarte M. S. Albuquerque, Ricardo M. C. Mimoso and José C. F. Pereira

Microwave-assisted staining of microbial cells

T. Hirasaka, A. Watanabe, M. Hirano, R. Baba, M. Kodama, S. Ohuchi

Design of microwave applicators I


Chairman: Prof. Eli Jerby

Microwave processing in organic chemistry II


Chairman: Prof. Dariusz Bogdal

Microwave industrial equipment and scale-up III


Chairman: Dr. Jean-Paul Bernard

Near-field focused microwave heating patterns by flexible dielectric lenses

P. Plaza-Gonzalez, A. Feigl, S. Steger, K. Senn, B. Garcia-Baños, J.M. Catalá-Civera, D. Rohde

Microwave pyrolysis of biomass in a rotatory kiln reactor: deep characterization and comparative analysis of pyrolytic liquids products

Lilivet Ubiera, Isabelle Polaert, Lokmane Abdelouahed, Bechara Taouk

Subcritical hydrothermal conversion (SHC) process supported by microwaves

Ryszard Parosa

Integrated design of a traveling microwave reactor

F. Eghbal Sarabi, H. Nigar, A. Stankiewicz

Scalable microwave waste-to-fuel conversion

M. Robinson, Z. Popovic

Advancing microwave metal casting from laboratory process to production capability and beyond

E. Ripley

Microwave seperated field reconstructed (SFR) technique for materials processing

Y. Zhang, K. Huang

Biomass waste gasification in microwave plasma

E. Delikonstantis, G. Sturm, A.I. Stankiewicz, M. Scapinello, C. Dreiser, O. Lade, S. Brand, G.D. Stefanidis

Microwave generated plasma railway track treatment

Julian Swan, Matt Candy, Marilena Radoiu, Gareth Richardson

Automatic measurement of magnetron Rieke diagrams

V. Bilik

Enhancing cellulose dissolution in ioni media under microwave heating

Pablo B. Sánchez, Agilio Pádua, Shuntaro Tsubaki, Yuji Wada

Non-contact microwave fuser for industrial full colour electrophotographic digital press

Domingo Rohde, José M. Catalá-Civera

Microwave application for preheat of PET preform

M. Garuti, X. Chen

Valuable chemical products from waste biomass using microwave heating

John Robinson, Eleanor Binner, John Ryan, Ben Shepherd, Derek Irvine

Hybrid microwave with heat recovery for an efficient drying process

Willem P.R. Deleu, Vincent Goovaerts, Carlo Groffils
16:45 Coffee break

Design of microwave applicators II


Chairman: Dr. Guido Link

Microwave hybrid heating processes


Chairman: Mr. Ed Ripley

Applications in food processing


Chairman: Mr. Erik Esveld

Cylindrical applicator for microwave heating of fluids

C. Lafossas, M. Poux, J. Rammal, J. Tao, L. Estel

Microwave-assisted drying of fish silage

E. Gouré, S. Isaksson, T. Rydholm and B. Wäppling Raaholt

Effectiveness of a microwave fluidised bed dryer in eradication of seed-borne botrytis grey mold of lentils

S. Taheri, G. Brodie, D. Gupta

Development of coaxial type flow microwave reactor and application to microwave reactions

T. Matsumura, M. Kishihara , H.Urushihara

Application of microwave and induction heating on fibre-reinforced cementitious materials for the demolition of structures

R. Borinaga-Treviño, A. Orbe, J. Cuadrado, I. Crespo, J. Norambuena-Contreras

Understanding the difference in microwave-assisted and conventional-solvent extraction of pectin from food waste in a novel perspective

Yujie Mao, Eleanor Binner

Development of a dual-mode EPR reactor-resonator

M. Barter, J. Harari, H. Choi, A. Folli, E. Richards, D. R. Slocombe, D. Murphy, A. Porch

Microwave and ultrasounds together – A challenge

M. Vinatoru, I. Calinescu

Enhanced microwave assisted processing of 2D cylindrical porous food dielectric

S. Kumari, S. K. Samanta, K. Patel

Mie resonance-based continuous heating microwave systems

R. E. Jacobsen, S. Arslanagić, A. V. Lavrinenko

Microwave treatment of materials in low pressure

Ryszard Parosa, Andrzej Brożyński, Piotr Grześkowiak, Krzysztof Kowalczyk, Marek Natoński, Piotr Ziętek and Janusz Żytkiewicz.

Microwave processing of food samples: influence of cavity design and dielectric properties

C. D. Albuquerque, S. Curet, L. Boillereaux

Microwave excited optical source to accelerate microwave processing

Y. Nikawa

Joining of Cu to SS304 by microwave hybrid heating with Ni an interlayer

S. Tamang, S. Aravindan

Microwave volume expansion in the production of innovative, high-quality snacks

B. Wäppling Raaholt

September 12 (Thursday)

Chairman: Prof. Felipe L. Peñaranda-Foix
8:30 Keynote IV
"Generation and modelling of gaseous plasmas using microwave power"

Prof. Michel Moisan, Department of Physics, Université de Montréal, Canada
9:05 Keynote V
"High pressure microwave curing technologies and equipment for aerospace composite manufacturing"

Prof. Yingguang Li, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
9:40 Keynote VI
"High-power RF laboratory at IFIC for linear accelerators used in hadronterapy medical applications"

D. Esperante, Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC) - University of Valencia, CSIC
10:15 Plenary V
"Field assisted manufacturing of materials"

Prof. Bala Vaidhyanathan, Loughborough University, UK
11:00 Coffee Break

Microwave chemistry - Synthesis IV


Chairman: Prof. Georgios Stefanidis

Plasma processing induced by microwaves II


Chairman: Mr. Michel Moisan

Bioactive chitosan/ZnO nanocomposites with conductive properties for advanced tissue engineering

Marek Piątkowski

Modelling and study of a microwave plasma source for high-rate etching

S. Pauly, A. Schulz, M. Walker, M. Gorath, K.-M. Baumgärtner, G.E.M. Tovar

Microwave-enabled tuning of nanostructure

Y.P. Zhou, K.M. Huang

A high-power source of optical radiation with microwave excitation

G. Churyumov, A. Denisov, T. Frolova, N. Wang, J. Qiu

Enhancement of water oxidation using α-Fe2O3 electrodes with controlled surface morphology by 2.45 GHz oscillating electric field

M. Matsuhisa, F. Kishimoto, S. Fujii, S. Tsubaki, E. Suzuki, R. Shimizu, T. Hitosugi, Y. Wada

Synergetic effect of microwave plasma and catalysts in CO2 hydrogenation into high added-value molecules

B. Alrafei, J. Delgado, A. Ledoux, I. Polaert

Tungsten carbide nanopowder synthesis under the exposure of 24 GHz gyrotron radiation on the nanocomposite of the W-C system obtained in a thermal plasma

A. Vodopyanov, A. Samokhin, N. Alekseev, M. Sinayskiy, A. Sorokin, S. Sintsov

Plasma ejection from molten basalt by localized microwaves

Y. Shoshani, E. Jerby

Microwave-assisted preparation of 1D NCs for photodegradation process of organic dyes

A. Zaba, K. Matras-Postolek, S. Sovinska, D. Bogdal

Finite element modelling of microwave plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition reactor for diamond

Jerome A. Cuenca, Soumen Mandal and Oliver Williams

Dielectric material properties measurements II


Chairman: Dr. Beatriz García

Microwave chemistry - Catalytic reactions II


Chairman: Dr. Reyes Mallada

Dielectric characterization of Si, SiC, SiC/SiC, and C/SiC samples

G. Annino, A. Cintio, R. D’Ambrosio, A. Lazzeri

Upgrading of hydrogen by combining adsorptive gas drying and thermal regeneration of drying agents by radio-frequency (RF) heating

F. Holzer, M. Kraus, U. Trommler, and U. Roland

Modeling the very broad band dielectric properties of water

G. Brodie

Microwave/ultrasound – assisted synthesis of zeolitic structures H ZSM – 5 with metallic salts used in biomass pyrolysis

Mariana Patrascu, Cosmin Marculescu, Gabriela Ionescu, Dorin Boldor

Microwave dielectric properties of open-cell solid foams based on silicon carbide ceramics

Jesus Nain Camacho Hernandez, Sergey Sodatov, Guido Link, Alexander Füssel, Uwe Hampel

Selective formation of linear alpha-olefins via microwave catalytic cracking of straight-chain alkanes

V.A. Bolotov, S.F. Tikhov, K.R. Valeev, V.T. Shamirzaev, V.N. Parmon

Direct online monitoring of sorbitol dehydration via dielectric spectroscopy

A. Kalamiotis, D.J. Irvine, G. Dimitrakis

Microwave-assisted catalytic upgrading of heavy oil

Mohamed Adam, Abarasi Hart, Joseph Wood, John P.Robinson and Sean P. Rigby

Characterization of dielectric properties in food with high conductivity

P.O. Hedekvist, S. Isaksson, B. Raaholt

14:00 Lunch

Experimental methods II


Chairman: Prof. Koen Van Reusel

EM modelling and numerical techniques II


Chairman: Dr. José Fayos

A low-cost robust configuration for the temperature monitoring within the payload of any microwave oven with a rotating turntable

José Fayos-Fernández, Juan David Reverte-Ors, Juan Monzó-Cabrera

Sealing large ceramic containers containing high-level nuclear waste with a microwave torch: a modelling approach

J.M. Chaix, D. Bouvard, T. Merle, B. Tedongmo Notemgning

Localized microwave-heating (LMH) studies using all-solid-state microwave-drill applicators

E. Jerby, Y. Shoshani, A. Shelef

Improvement of microwave heating efficiency by several tuning systems.

R. Manno, H. Nigar, V. Sebastian, B. Garcia-Baños, J.M. Catalá-Civera, J. Santamaría, F.L. Peñaranda-Foix and R. Mallada

Fundamental principles of microwave ovens: part one: requirements to achieve accurate results

R. F. Schiffmann.

Numerical investigations of the single-mode microwave treatment effects on rock breakage system

K. Teimoori, F. Hassani, A.P. Sasmito, S.A. Ghoreishi-Madiseh

Fundamental principles of microwave ovens: part two: the presentation thereof

R. F. Schiffmann.

Plane wave irradiation of a layered system: resonance-based control over thermal runaway

A.A. Mohekar, B.S. Tilley, V.V. Yakovlev
16:15 Coffee break
16:45 Ampere OGA
17:45 Closing ceremony