Leanfa has been confirmed as new exhibitor and Sponsor for Ampere 2019.

Leanfa confirms its presence as exhibitor and sponsor in AMPERE2019

Leanfa confirms its presence as exhibitor in the 17th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating that will be held in Valencia (Spain) from 9 to September 12, 2019.

LEANFA designs and manufactures state-of-the-art Solid-State OEM Microwave Generators and Power Amplifiers, in particular, for Industrial Scientific and Medical applications.

The characteristics of our innovative generators are:

  • Total and highly accurate parametric control;
  • Modular and scalable architectures;
  • Single low-voltage DC supply, no need of high-voltage power supply stages;
  • 15+ years life cycle;
  • Full flexibility for configuration into batch and continuous-flow processes;
  • Capability to measure in real-time the reflected power that allows 100% self-regulating workflows.

Thanks to an advanced distributed intelligence approach, our products embody unique hardware-software combinations that represent a modern digitally-managed tool for high-frequency processing.

Our innovative technology has already been adopted by several Research Groups, Universities and manufacturing Companies worldwide, covering different innovative targets, with special focus on solid-state cooking, high-end medical applications, sintering of nanostructures and extraction of bioactive compounds from fresh fruit and vegetables.

A highly skilled team with international experience, official quality certifications and a continuous knowhow improvement approach makes LEANFA the ideal technological partner you were looking for.