HBH Microwave GmbH has been confirmed as new exhibitor and sponsor for Ampere 2019

HBH Microwave GmbH confirms its presence as exhibitor and sponsor in AMPERE2019

HBH Microwave GmbH confirms its presence as exhibitor and sponsor in the 17th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating that will be held in Valencia (Spain) from 9 to September 12, 2019.


HBH Microwave was founded in 1999 and is located in Stutensee, part of the Technology Region of Karlsruhe, Germany. HBH is a limited liability corporation organized under German law. HBH Microwave provides solutions, engineering services and production in the field of communication, radar and high frequency and high power amplifiers for customers worldwide. The company has been steadily growing and currently employs in total 50 engineers and qualified technical people.

Expertise and facilities

HBH has extensive experience in the development, qualification, manufacture and system integration of RF and microwave components / systems, for use in industrial, medical, military and space applications. HBH is ISO 9001 certified and operates under a stringent quality control system as required by typical programs executed for major systems users. HBH products are used in a variety of applications including military radar and communication systems, accelerator systems, satellites, industrial heating and in plasma generating applications. Clean room facilities ensure the use of high sophisticated technologies e.g. chip integration, fabrication of hybrid modules and space products. HBH Microwave recently extended the manufacturing and development facilities to ~3000 m2.

Amplifiers and Generators

HBH developed and fabricates amplifiers and solid state generators in the frequency range from 80MHz to 40GHz with power levels up to 150kW for accelerators, industrial heating, plasma generation, Radar systems and research applications.

Broadband amplifiers from 30MHz to 6GHz with output power from 10W to 350W for broadband military applications and test & measurement systems have been developed.

HBH also developed and fabricates off-the-shelf solid state generators at 900MHz and 2.45GHz as replacement for existing tube generators in a very compact design with power level of 1 kW. For higher output power several generators can be combined by combining networks.

The generators can be delivered with waveguide output or coaxial connector, depending on the application.