Companion Program

AMPERE’19 offers your companion a variety of opportunities to participate in some of the most popular experience in Valencia while you are attending the conference. Companions program includes also the social conference program.

10th September 2019




Departure from Aqua (CALLE LUIS GARCIA BERLANGA) by bus at 10:00am.

Albufera Boat Ride


The Albufera lagoon Park is located 11 kilometres south of Valencia. This huge expanse of freshwater is separated from the sea by sand dunes and pine forests and is a paradise for migrating birds and home to a bewildering variety of wildlife. Experience a unique boat ride, in an authentic fisherman boat!


Paella Cooking Experience


Paella is Valencia’s most international dish and Albufera Natural Park is the true home of paella. Cooking Paella is a remarkable Spanish experience, not only at culinary level but also at a social level. Family and friends gather around a Paella during the cooking process, enjoying a good conversation until the moment to share table and dish with them.

In this activity, you will learn how to cook Paella with a professional Paella Chef. The Chef will reveal in the class many myths, traditions, secrets, special techniques and some necessary tips for the preparation of this popular Spanish dish with an international recognition.

During the paella process, you will have a break to enjoy a drink and snack with typical products of the cultivated fields of Valencia. After enjoying the paella you will follow with fruits from our cultivated fields and a homemade cake with Valencia drinks.

11th September 2019





Flamenco Master Class


After some days in Spain you will be ready to learn some flamenco steps with professional teachers. You will have the opportunity to go a traditional flamenco place where you will have a Master flamenco class and you will learn the basics of this passionate tradition. Olé!


Wine and Tapas tasting tour


The tour will make you discover some of the historical and cultural parts of Valencia, from the oldest and busiest square in Valencia to the modernist Market learning about Spanish wine secrets and enjoying magnificent tapas.

Your professional food and drink expert will show you some special places where you will taste different wines accompanied by snacks and tapas at lunch time.

This gastronomical and oenological excursion is the perfect way to discover the essence of the Spanish Culture.

12th September 2019


Free day


Exploring Valencia on your own and/or have a relaxing day before de gala dinner.

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